Saturday 15 July 2017


I'm making available some new buckle options for my poodle collars. Some people have asked for a lighter and less bulky buckle than the standard brass one (centre yellow collar in image above) so I'm offering this lighter low-profile buckle, still English brass. I've already done a number of custom quick-release collars for people who have asked, so they aren't new as such, but I'm making the option more 'official'. Quick-release buckles are designed to fail under undue force, and for this reason I don't recommend them for dogs who pull hard or where your dog could be in danger were a collar fastening to break away. They can be really useful for people who have difficulty with standard buckles because of arthritis, etc. or for dogs who are at risk of becoming caught by the collar, particularly if the dog is walked on a slip lead or harness. Please do also be aware that a dog is much likely to get caught on something wearing a properly fitted collar than one that is too loose. If you are ordering a quick-release collar, I need to know your dog's exact neck measurement with no 'finger room' as unfortunately it's not possible to make this type of fastening adjustable easily.

These are the current basic leather colours I have available. Most of them are available in a few different stitching colours, or you can request your own combination if you prefer. Collars are available to buy at my Etsy shop.

Meanwhile, Fleur is doing well and this morning had gained about a pound from her weight yesterday evening. Poppy's mammary glands are looking a lot better as I think they were quite sore.

Poppy is returning to a more normal shape. In two weeks time, provided both she and Fleur continue to do well, she will be ready to mate again, although it will take nearly a year for a cria to be born.


  1. Thank you for sharing Fleur's birth. In my next life I want to have a place like you ~ what a gift to experience the circle of life with so many special animals. So glad Fleur is thriving and Poppy feeling better. I hope Patience will want to be her friend. Is this Poppy's first cria? She sure is a beauty!

    1. Fleur is Poppy's second cria -- her firstborn is Brock-o-Dale Trident who was born last year. He's the bigger beige one of the two boys.