Wednesday 24 May 2017


I still don't know if Bess is pregnant. She looks a peculiar shape and sometimes I think I can see something twitching and squirming inside her, but it could be a combination of middle-age spread and my imagination. If there is a cria in her, it is very late, as come Saturday it will be a full year since she last mated. Incidentally I neither know if the other two are pregnant, but if they are, they are not due to give birth until July. I was rather hoping Bess would get on and have a cria so we could bring in a stud to mate her and check the other two at the same time.

Usually when one sees two birds hanging around with each other and one of them is strutting around making noise with its feathers blown up, it's to be assumed this one is the male and the less pompous individual is the female. However, this is not the case for emus. The bird stomping a display along the fence line is Odette.


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    1. Trebuchet is doing great! He has filled out really well since his vitamin D treatment and his crooked leg has straightened up. He just has some more growing to do. :-)