Sunday 28 May 2017

Otto's Achievement

Otto is 6 months old and has achieved KCGC bronze award at a local show. There was some interest in a training video I posted a while ago in which I said the most important things to concentrate on in training a puppy were focus and recall, and that I do not teach my dogs 'sit' until very late in their training. I still haven't taught Otto to sit. I might make a video about my reasons for this and my puppies' ongoing training later. Meanwhile, here are some videos of the poodles playing.

Saffi didn't come to the show to do the test -- I wanted to take Otto somewhere on his own for socialisation, and if I take them together they are just silly all the time. I think she could have done it though and I will probably go to another show with her when she is a bit older to do the same thing.

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