Monday 17 April 2017


It was supposed to be 6 poodles together, but Indi wanted to do her own thing.


  1. Fabulous! So fun to watch ...and the music selection is just perfect (: Indi is more of an independent spirit, isn't she? I'm curious if you've noticed any shifts in Loki since he was neutered?

    1. Not really noticed any difference yet. Castration is not a substitute for training as it's sometimes touted. All it is, is a relatively inexpensive way to prevent accidental litters, and it can make behaviour worse in nervous or unconfident dogs. He is already well trained and doesn't have any behaviours I expected the castration to change. I don't recommend castrating dogs young and I did seriously consider a vasectomy instead for Loki, but since he is approaching 5 and has a stable temperament it's hopefully less harmful to him than if he were only a year old.