Tuesday 7 March 2017

Guten Tag!

This is Otto, and I am grateful to a lot of people that he has come to join us! Most of all his breeder for the lovely character he is and for keeping him for me until he was old enough to come to the UK and arranging the necessary steps with her vet for the pet passport. Also to an old friend who speaks the relevant languages far better than I do and his father for letting us stay with him, a nice poodle lady who let us meet at her house and gave me some grooming tool recommendations, and of course my husband for holding the fort at home while I went to get him! I will be adding a page to the website about Otto once his KC registration is sorted out and I have caught up with everything else I have to.

Indi's pups are huge and since they are past 3 weeks of age, now it is time to start weaning them to reduce the burden of feeding them on Indi. This began this afternoon with their first taste of goats' milk. I should be getting round to everyone on the waiting list to arrange times to visit in a few days. Apologies to those people who have missed the pictures and videos while I have been away. :-)

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