Sunday 7 August 2016

The Pacas Porked

We are all waiting, but for whom?

This morning, we had a visitor. He is Van Diemen Qjori of Patou (Qjori, pronounced like 'Kory') who was born in Tasmania and belongs to Mark (pictured) and Sue Steele. He will hopefully be the father of Poppy's and Olivia's cria next year.

Spitty and Spotty had to take it in turns while the cria Trident and Trebuchet looked on, their young minds quite clearly horrified.

Fortunately Bess found Qjori quite disgusting, which is a good thing as it means she hopefully is still pregnant and on track to have a cria of her own next year.

Meanwhile, the puppies have had their formal temperament assessments done, and I should be sending their personalised socialisation plans to their new owners this afternoon. We have some lovely cuddly pups and some lovely drivey pups, and all of them are really people-oriented and should be a great fit for their new families.

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