Thursday 5 March 2015

Poodle Club of Canada article

My article on the genetics of colour in poodles has been published in the Poodle Club of Canada newsletter. I tried to keep this one fairly short and simple, although I have some more articles hopefully coming out soon in another publication that are a bit more involved. I tend to get asked quite a lot, how do I get such and such a colour, what colour should I breed my dog to, what colours will I get if I do this, what colour genetic tests should I do etc. and I also frequently come across a misunderstanding about some colour faults that can crop up occasionally in poodles being genetically 'dirty' and impossible to get rid of, which is rubbish when the faults are caused by recessive genes for which tests are widely available. So hopefully this article and the diagrams in it should be easy for people to understand and get answers to their questions from. There is also an article by Casey Carl about GDV.

They come in all these colours, but black and brown are my favourites.

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