Tuesday 4 March 2014


It's starting to feel like spring: the cherry blossoms are out, a few trees are showing a faint flush of green, and the buds on the magnolia tree are getting bigger. Today I tried to coax the pups into the garden. I think it was too cold for them and they didn't like it much, and Pasha didn't seem to like them being outside!

The first goose eggs arrived today. These are sort-of inexpensive eggs from commercial strains and mixed flocks, as I am impatient waiting for the rare breed eggs to become available and the goose laying season is short, and last year's hatch was a disaster, so this year I hope to run a few hatches in the hope that we will at least have something to eat! I am still waiting for West of England eggs and these will be going on next. The first part is pretty easy -- all that's necessary is to get the incubator up to temperature, bung them in it, and ignore them for a week or so, and after this time it should be possible to see some evidence of gosling embryos growing inside, or not, with candling. The air cell in one of the eggs looks well and truly shattered, and from past experience these ones never develop and are only fit for a dog's lunch, but we shall see.

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