Sunday 9 March 2014

Spring has sprung

Dubh went home yesterday, so now we just have two pups here, Zo and Leisha. Leisha is going home tomorrow, but Zo will be staying with us a week more because his people are currently on holiday. These will be their last times playing together as littermates before they leave and learn how to be dogs and form bonds with their new owners. Leisha is very active both of mind and body, and her new owner is hoping to do obedience and other activities with her. Zo is more laid back and will be going to a quieter home.

It was a beautiful spring day and all the dogs went for a walk around our 30-acre smallholding. Unfortunately I didn't take a camera, but hopefully there will be more days like this. Meanwhile, signs of new life are already becoming visible in the goose eggs. The nucleus of the 'spider' is the embryo and the legs are the veins that will nourish it as it grows.

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