Tuesday 6 August 2013

Bird update

The two best Cayuga ducks have now moved down to the garden area to join the drake and the Khaki Campbells. Of the remaining ducks, I have two Cayugas, a duck and a drake, both on the runty side. The duck should be going to a friend to be a pet. Of the Silver Appleyards, the colours I got from the eggs I hatched seem to have come out a bit hit and miss, although they are all good-sized ducks of good type. One is pure white, possibly a result of a recessive gene or an egg for a different breed accidentally being included ;-) and some of the others have a lot of ginger on the body. There is one large, beautifully and correctly coloured duck and a second duck of decent colour but with a few fawn smudges on the breast, so these are the two I will likely be keeping. I will be looking for a correct, unrelated drake from a different source to go with them.

The Red Bourbon turkeys are doing well and continuing to grow, although their inquisitive and slightly wild nature coupled with a delay in putting the birds away one evening led to them spending a warm night roosting up an oak tree under the stars!

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