Friday 1 September 2023

Petito - available poodle puppy

Edit: Petito has now found a person of his own. Best wishes to him and his new family.
Update September. Petito is 12 weeks old and has had both his core vaccinations and is looking for a person or family of his own. He was held for a bit longer than his littermates as he had what seemed to be digestive problems with his mother's milk, which resolved once he'd been weaned, and he's had a blood test and several vet checks which have all been normal. He will be sold with a health guarantee same as all my pups (refund of up to the price paid to help pay for vet treatment if a genetic or congenital problem develops). Please see the website for further information.

Petito is a 9-week-old poodle boy who has stayed here a bit longer than his littermates so we could monitor him and have some vet tests run on him (which have now come back normal) because he had some digestive issues when he was young that have resolved by themselves. Petito is now looking for a loving home.

Petito is people-oriented and a happy little bugger whose tail never stops, but also a fairly undemanding, quiet puppy. He would best fit with a couple, single person, or family with older sensible children. He would be ideal for a retired person or couple wanting a companion.

He can be seen with his brother and mother Saffi, and his halfsister can also be met here. Please see the website for details.

Saffi, who is recovering from being spayed

Petito with brother Buxton

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