Friday 12 January 2018

Gemmed Leather Collars

I have been making and testing some new collars featuring semprecious stones, crystals, and beads. The main delay in this project has been finding something robust enough to hold the beads on, and I've settled on jewellers' wire, after Indi tested a few different gauges. These collars are available as custom orders, and I've shown a few examples below. They are not the kinds of collars you should leave on your dogs full time (not that you should do this with any collar) as while the collar itself can stand up to rough treatment, constant scratching and shaking and rubbing against furniture will eventually lead to the decorations breaking off or the wiring snapping.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Deep blue and antique brown
metal gears, lapis lazuli, Czech glass beads, blue Swarovski crystals, pearlescent glass nautiluses

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright
Black and brown
Jingle bells, tigerseye, Czech glass beads

White Pearl, Black Ocean
(also Ice Crystal shown)
Black leather
Snowflake obsidian, black and white glass pearls, black Swarovski crystals, dark purple beads

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