Wednesday 8 April 2015

Available birds

I have the following available:

Limited numbers of goose eggs from two different breeding groups of West of England geese. I acquired these last year and took great care to get them from different sources. Eggs are marked as to which group they come from, and pedigree information is available. I have tested the fertility and it is excellent so far with 90%+ being fertile from both groups, and I hope to have some goslings in the next few weeks. Eggs are £5 each.

Traditional French Marans pullets. Both the pullets themselves and their (unrelated) parents hatched from very dark eggs. I have several copper blue plus a copper black and a splash. They are a couple of months old, off heat, and fully feathered. They are not yet big enough to go in a chicken house with full grown birds, but if you don't already have hens and would like some, two or three will do fine together. £15 each. Also a very nice copper black cockerel of same age with very feathery legs, £10 if anyone wants him.

A spare Cayuga. It sounds like a drake but thus far has shown little else in the way of drake behaviour. Probably suitable as a pet for someone's garden. £free.

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